The Fish Avenger

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photo "Liquid Corruption" by Tyler Malone aka The Second Shooter

I never forget summer at our little cottage by the lake. We swam in the mere’s crystal clear water between building our own tree house. My father made a blueprint for a cabin and we spent hours making our high-situated shack. It was almost finished and we couldn’t wait to spend the first night up in a tree with owls and bats as our companions.

My little brother was the fisherman in the family, he could sit on the shore for hours staring at his bobber, hoping to catch some fat speckled trout. I used to tease him by telling him that there must be some kind of fish guardian planning a horrible revenge right now to get even with all these nasty fish murderers.

One day we went for a boat trip on the lake. The day started friendly with a mackerel sky with a mild breeze, the sun shyly peeking through the cloudlets.

We were enjoying our trip and the impressive view from the water when the wind changed and some dark clouds appeared on the horizon. At first we didn’t pay much attention, it could have been a refreshing rain shower, but rapidly the color of the sky turned into a dark steel-blue, the wind increased into a scourging level, howling about our small boat. Before we knew it we were in the middle of a thunderstorm’s furious lashing waves. A huge swell hurtled towards us, I can’t remember I was ever that afraid, on the edge of panic. I thought I was getting delusional because in the heart of the wave I saw a gargantuan face, a fish-eyed-face.

The thing opened its mouth and started to bubble like an enormous bottle of wriggled champagne, a silver-like air balloon popped up in the sudsy vortex, displaying a neon lighted text that says: Beware of the requital of the Fish Avenger!

Honestly, I never forget summer.

editors note:

What swims in our blood isn’t as deep and mysterious as what swims under other surfaces. – tyler malone

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