Be Still My Mind

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photo "Jesus Is My Co-Pilot" (above) by Tyler Malone aka The Second Shooter

I was meditating on being grateful for my reliable truck when I transformed into an angry white man directing a fear struck Mexican to pull over. I could see him wondering if his brown ass was gonna be kicked by a Trump supporter.

While approaching the construction vehicle, I noticed the load was held by one strap and glanced at my side mirror to change lanes and pass then looked up to see a large tarp slip under my truck at 70 mph. The Nissan sucked it in like a dog eating chocolate and immediately began evacuating itself of melted and torn plastic while the cars behind became obscured in opaque dust and smoke.

A sickened stress consumed the Mexican’s unshaven brown face and I imagined it was the dread for losing the means to feed a family and be deported. Then I wondered why would a loving God use an illegal alien to kill me on a freezing Minnesota highway and starve that poor bastard’s family and I started laughing. Seeing my psychotic cackling the Mexican’s look transformed to a pale fearfulness as he complied with my animated requests to pull over.

When he exited his vehicle I raised my hands in a peaceful gesture and said, “Happy Thanksgiving.” A perverse gratitude flowed through me as I weighed the loss of my truck against his fucked fate. Then I gave him the blank stare for about five seconds before he finally turned his palms skyward, rolled his shoulders and raised his eyebrows to nervously inquire, in a universally understood body language, what do you want? With a smile and nodding head I indicated there was something he should see under my truck.

I called his employer, explained what happened, and said, “I don’t think you want me calling a squad.”

“We’re an honorable company,” said Jason. “We’ll take care of any damages to your truck.” Then I enjoyed another uncomfortable pause before saying “Fuck Trump,” into the phone while smiling at the Miguel.

As I merged back into the busy freeway traffic I was struck by an epiphany to meditate on my love life but then I thought it best to still my mind.

editors note:

When all you know is an angry language, no one can understand you. You live a mute life with no voice except one that’s destined to be six feet under history, and forgotten by those with tongues that speak for their hearts. ~ tyler malone

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