Dream On

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“Dream until your dreams come true.” — Aerosmith

Who minds making love to a beautiful woman? B5 was a man like any other, and making love to a lady who had powers was indeed special. But it was late at night when he dreamt of his soul mate and his reason for being. He fought this before, when to him it was nightmare. Now it was a floating dream, same as a child’s. He knew she was safe, he knew that they were safe. The three of them.

He floated from the ship then turned around and looked at the Monkey Wrench. Then he floated into space, not quick, not slow, as time had no meaning. He came upon that burned out meteor, the safe haven of his beloved. He was afraid, and it was not his to control, He came within a foot or so of her. She opened her eyes, no screaming nightmares. The monkey, like a child, opened his eyes too, and he was still, while staying snuggled next to her. The clawing had abated, that natural instinct to lash out at being trapped in this strange cocoon.

There was something else. Another heartbeat, another pair of eyes, a place where the monkey was snuggled, a bump under his tail and legs. B5 could see it, he could feel it. They turned slowly, slowly, slowly within the safety of the meteor.

B5 began to drift away. She closed her eyes, the monkey closed his eyes, the child closed its eyes. They were safely tucked away somewhere inside B5’s mind, safe and thriving.

He came back to the ship, he floated into the ship through the metal skin. He rested then he took a deep breath and awoke. The tears of joy trickled slowly down his face, onto his pillow. He sat up with no sweat, no fear at all.

They were safe.

editors note:

In space, no one can hear you scream for love. – tyler malone

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