Bernie’s Plum

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Privy to the indiscretions of the local girls, we gathered outside the general store for our weekly ritual. I supplied the Mary Jane just to keep them talking candidly in my presence. I learned more than any boy could have ever known with the amount of experience I had – which was none.

Bernie, we can tell you because you are just about a doctor among us, what with all the bodies you have seen – but the way little Johnny kisses is like being slimed by a hog, his wily tongue slapping around my mouth willy-nilly-like no direction making no sense, making me feel lost in my own mouth and I wonder, Johnny, what in God’s green earth are you trying to do in here, excavate?

I made mental notes the entire time, wondering just what it is like inside a girl’s mouth, all pink and dark and pretty and must be sweet because her smile is just so and all she eats is berry pie and sugared apples, so pink I think there must be another name for that color, like razzamatazzleplum or something.

Bernie, are you listening to me because you look like you are lost and scared all at the same time – and she waves her hand in front of me and the rose scent air tickles my nostrils so I sneeze – Oooo, Bernie! See, he pays no mind, you could tell him where you keep your underclothes at night and he’d never know the difference!

Later that evening I visited Rose’s house. She had let me touch her just there on the underside of her dress and outside of her underclothes. Soft white cotton warm with her body skin ripple dress ruffle delicate flutter like breath exhaled into my inhale. I had taken to wearing no more undergarments as none no longer fit, and I was overjoyed with the loose play of shirt cloth against her supple legs. There was enough room for both me and Rose in there, and so that is precisely what we did when she stood one leg on her dressing stool and I rising into those bloomers like the river at high tide finding exactly the way that gives way to rising and rushing waters – heat seeking heat kissing giving gentle resistance to my gentle persistence all-knowing without thinking, only feeling sensing push and pull give way again to much further this time moist pink kiss wrapped and squeezing like nothing I had ever known and everything all at once.

editors note:

Every boy needs to be a little bit of a Bernie. Just by supplying a few puffs and never adding to the conversation, the returns are amazing, and they might make life livable. But you know what you need to do? Be Bernie. Stay quiet. Don’t ruin the moment. Make everyone who would let you in think that you are something worth any huffing intimacy. Be as silent as you are when someone shared a kiss. – Tyler Malone

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