The Selfishness Pandemic

by July 10, 2024 0 comments

On the heels of one global pandemic
another sinister virus infests our rat nest.

While we hunkered down in isolation,
stewed in micro frustrations, some

took to keyboards to find audience
for once-absurd, digital diatribes.

Conspiracies so ludicrous, they
must be read. Kernels of truth,

candy-coated crap, Easy to swallow
in seclusion. One fiction attributes

another until a great circle of stupidity
becomes monstrous merry-go-round,

and everyone wants a ride.
Schoolyard bullies, emboldened

as ever, after two years self-satisfied
seclusion with YouTuber decadence.

As the vaccine deemed insidious
frees us from comfortable cages,

the selfish Everyman mantra skews
stronger, more prevalent. Everyone

demanding the “Right” to believe
falsehood fires that bolster

insecurities—shells of stupidity
thought previously cracked.

– Jordan Trethewey

editors note:

If I believe your truth and you believe mine, they should cancel each other out. Right? – mh clay

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