The Other Side

The ripple of the sea
rolling in
tickling our bare feet
sitting us up
giving us a deep thrill of laughter

you spring into a dance
naked and wet
sun wrapping warmth
around both of us

“I’ll never forget
this day!”
you say over and over
heat of our bodies
fanning the cool ocean waters

other side of the world cold
bitter and bitten with war
dying in the loss of love
continuous spanking
furies of sin

those that still take breaths
slumping lower and lower
grasping a remembrance
of yesteryears

dry tears like little puffs of air
crawling across splintered floors
tucking up against walls vibrating
incoming strikes
endless hate

planet earth
puncturing itself
continuance of good and evil

wave after wave

editors note:

On this day, Americans revel in waves of emancipation. Also on this day, others run from waves of subjugation. Both at the same time. – mh clay

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