Point Reyes

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I could pull the trigger, drop the lever,
take the leap, execute the act,
buy the ticket for the ride
that would take me to Cornwall,
where I could stand high up
and look down at the thrashing

of foam and spray over rocks,
as I stood at Point Reyes in sun
and wind. I have the means,
but my small voice in my head
says wait. You’ll be in better shape
physically, emotionally, financially

to buy that ticket tomorrow.
It seems just yesterday I bought
tickets that led me to Point Reyes.
In Cornwall I could look far down
at the mystery of that thrashing sea
there before Lear was born

in Shakespeare’s mind, and will be
long after we are gone.
I could look and marvel, as I marveled
with Kirsten whose X-rays told
her doctor who told her her time
to be is not long. I don’t recall

our shadows that day we climbed
rickety stairs to stand out where wind
was as strong as the sea was angry
and eternal. In Cornwall
I could get on a tour bus and sit
with a pint at a table but not with Kirsten.

editors note:

Place without person, not worth purchase. (Congrats to Pete on the release of his new collection, The Homesick Mortician. You can get your copy here.) – mh clay

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