On the Beach

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It was too windy to put my tent up, but there was a big wooden box
serving as a base for a nearby picnic table
with a door at one end and plenty of space inside, so I pushed my sleeping bag
into the opening and crawled in after it. It was like sleeping in a coffin
I suppose, but the wind came in through the slats and I could hear the waves
crashing along the shore just a few feet from my head,
and if I poked my head out of the end of the box, I could see the arc of the Milky Way
the repetitive flash of the lighthouse out on the bay, more stars than I could ever hope to count

and I thought

I’ll bet there’s some fancy spa out there
that charges good money to set you up in a pine box just like this one
where you can close your eyes and hear nothing but the sea and the birds
where the wireless is so spotty you can’t even pick up a signal on the car’s GPS system
can’t make any phone calls or check your email.

And sure enough, on the flight home, I found an article in the inflight magazine
about a spa in Spain where they shut you up in an elaborately carved pine box
and put a bee hive on top of you so you can lie there, in the dark
listening to the buzzing of hundreds of bees all around you, it’s supposed to be very relaxing
I assume it’s very expensive.
I’ll take my box by the ocean any day, surrounded by the rustling of crabs in the dry brush grass
the cackle of an early-rising seagull as it discovers the bag of chips
I thought I’d locked safely in the car
the neigh of horses in the paddock over the ridge.

– Holly Day

editors note:

Beach or buzz, whatever fits your budget. – mh clay

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