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Jonathan sleeps late while Teresa
Lounges in a chair facing the sea.
Cati files and paints Tere’s toenails,
Buffs her soles, washes her feet,
Repeats the process on her hands,
Then massages Lawsonia oil into her hair.

Jonathan and Teresa sail the coast to Punta
Where Dentist Axe waits in his white uniform
To prognose Jon with periodontitis
And replace three caps on Tere’s teeth.

Jon and Tere sit at a wooden, rebar-legged table
Inside a space-heated French restaurant.
Louis serves them onion soup, mixed salad, creamed
Avocado topped with red onions, gluten-free
Linguine with marinara sauce, cups of red wine.
They select croissants and baguettes
From behind the cash register as they pay their bill.

As they walk holding
Hands through the woods to their waiting ship,
Tere gazes into Jon’s eyes and says,
“I have fallen in love with you again.”

They stoke the hearth inside their home
That faces the sea from atop the back of Dolphin Point.
They bicker over whether to watch Colonial baseball

or Golden soccer.

editors note:

Love and team loyalty, it’s a decision every time. – mh clay

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