Let You Go

by June 29, 2024 0 comments

Sometimes I let you go
Mid air
To push the breath straight through us.

Sometimes I let you
bone deep
Into my waiting

Sometimes I let
Your poems
Take oars
crash the waves
Against my pillows
Stacked high against the
Screaming sun

Sometimes I
Divided by 2
Equals you

The dream of night
Switches the light
Of when
we soaked weak resolve
To take home within our skin
And a mirror alone
Shines your reflection again
Your still gaze
Eyes devouring
The feast
We could both suddenly taste
With that face
And the question now
If I should have fallen
Into your well.

Sometimes I let
the guide arise
From inside
Warm rushes
Wash over my
Barefoot shoreline

Sometimes I let you
A hung clothesline
Fluttering languidly
In my thoughts
Capturing that moment’s
On stubborn wings
The Secret
The Thrill
Of what May have been

Sometimes I let you go
Releasing this remembrance
Of us
But today is not that day.

editors note:

With love, not any day ever. (We’re happy to welcome Opalina back into our congress of Contributing Poets with this submission. Check out more of her madness on her page.) – mh clay

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