I have news

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I have news
but perhaps
it isn’t for you

there are people out there
who see broken playground swings
and continue walking
that they ever saw anything
which wasn’t
an immediate concern
to themselves

not to be harsh
some people
just are

there are people
whose thought processes
cannot be likened
to spastic hotel room flies
but true

there are people
for whom love is not so distant
people who do not
every present moment
dwell in their lost past

there are places
perhaps fictional
where the emotional lives of others
are not perceived to be
the entitled entertainment venue
of onlookers

there are places
where a kiss
is just a kiss
and kisses
are celebrated
as symbols of love
without judgement
or baggage

the moon is unattainable
and it is just as well
because there are some people who would own it
keep it hidden away
all to themselves
never allow it to reflect sunlight again

there are some people who will crucify themselves
and claim it was you who made them do it

but then there are others
who get distracted by the cricket in the ivy
watch as it takes in the day’s heat
then curls deeper into the foliage
presumably for a nap

editors note:

Find your news. Be the news. Naps for everyone! – mh clay

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