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I’ve moved from one to another
To another to another for years
Now, decades long, and with one
Threatening departure I knew it
Was coming again soon BUT
Somehow, this time, I thought I’d
Exhausted all options until I walk
On in one of my old haunts, one of
Those bars on the street of ill-repute,
And sure enough minutes later I’m
Stepping out with another. We’ve
Dealt now 3 times & each time
Has gone like a dream & this time
Around his stuff hit good & nice
& didn’t batter my poor old brain
& make me feel bad
& make me contemplate the impossible
That one day I’ll stop looking when this
One tells me the news he’s moving on.

editors note:

Butcher, baker, candlestick maker; if you don’t have yours now, you’re going to need another. – mh clay

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