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Crickets screech in the night
In the ceiling, piercing
Competing with my tinnitus
Lying awake for hours
Hot days, warm nights
Legs out, legs under
Arms tucked in, arms flung out
Pillow’s too hot

Mind’s floundering
Jumbled, jelly legs running through a marsh
Feet momentarily bogged
Deep fear of being caught
I know; I know whoever’s there, chasing, gaining
Why can’t I ever see who it is

Frightened of life passing me by
Too many forks in the road to make sense
Too many choices, did I choose the right ones
Fear of missing out
I can’t do everything
Choices for healthy minds and healthy hearts
Compromises and expectations
Putting others first. Always.

Is this what’s chasing me
Leaden feet, concrete thighs, unable to run
Searing throat, gasping for air
Or just a silly, random nightmare

Too hot under the summer duvet
Turning cool at 3am
Duvet’s too heavy
Then not warm enough

editors note:

A seasonal scratch of insomniac’s itch. – mh clay

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