Approach closely. Rather than distance for picayune causes, try
Embracing vicinal ideas. Critical thinking, after all, remains more
Than an embarcadero awaiting new shipments of political quandaries.
We benefit when inculcating new notions; freedom frequently relies upon our
Willingness to include suchlike concepts. Otherwise, we are destined to repeat
Umbrous events experienced over many centuries. Humanity’s welfare calls for
Apposite, even anomalous, designs to be integrated into our common civilization.

If not, no matter how charming our leadership, no matter how monied our “smart”
Media, we’ll repeatedly trip over mauvaise honte, become injured by our puerile
Requirements for adjudicating actions vis-a-vis outdated laws of worn kingdoms.
Consequently, we’re beholden to step away from sundry alienation, to affix
Shared expectations to manners of truth that include courage and spirit, to
Tame those lions roaring within ourselves over meaningless “treasures.”
Only when embracing verity will we know an everlasting peace.

editors note:

Trip we do, cause trip we did and always have. Mauvaise honte, indeed. – mh clay

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