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we have a band

my friend, Larry – he’s the clapper

he claps however he wants at
whatever frequency he is comfortable with

mostly he does not clap
and just watches television

my friend, Chrissy – she’s the hummer

she hums bits of songs that she knows
and sometimes does not hum
and watches television

she is tone deaf, so there
is no copyright issue

my friend, Tony – he’s our high c guy

he brings in his keyboard, turns it on,
puts it on the “synth saw” setting,
and keeps his finger on one key,
playing a protracted high c-note

but he also watches television
most of the time

And me…
i play a whistle with a little
monkey hanging from it

when i bring the whistle in and out
the monkeys arms and legs
go up and down

and i watch television too

i think we are a band.

most people don’t think so.

i don’t know what Larry,
Chrissy, and Tony think, but I
think we are
and we
like what we do

which is mostly watching television
and annoying each other

– Harry McNabb

editors note:

This makes all bingeing buds a band. – mh clay

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