My pretty poetry

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In the very essence of poetry there is something indecent.
– Cezslaw Milosz

I guess it’s adrenaline.
Yes, it was an adrenaline rush.
Otherwise, how could I be so foolish?
It’s the fault of my age and my stars.
Yes, certainly, they should be rebuked.
Please listen to me.
Oh! Please, let me show you the books.
I requested them from my friends.
See, they all have only your name.
Though my friends teased me and made fun of me,
But they are my tokens and gifts for loving you.
Oh! My bad, I slipped to watch a rom-com, Baywatch.
Dated Booby
Hooked with Horny,
I discussed your naked secrets.
And how you deserted many
But my love for you is pure.
My posey,
Look at my lappy, my room, and my heart.
It is filled with you; I have written so many
Sucking poems filled with pestering thoughts.
See my potato poems, my banana poems,
My nuts poems, Oh!
They are my love for you.
My pretty poetry,
Please don’t desert me.
My daisy,
Please don’t leave me in silence.
My serene beauty,
Oh! Please don’t kill me with this look.

– Pulkita Anand

editors note:

We are all besotted with her; though we write her and write her, she never writes back! – mh clay

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