Midnight Blue Café Ladies Room Floor

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She caught the Tokyo trolley
For Midnight Blue Café
There was a micro dose in her Daphne Martini,
& she was scanning the Tokyo Sun

A stain spread into the napkin
Which her zucchini bread could not explain
Two dancers mimed a knife fight
Transfixed by the violet gel

The light is liquid she whispered
Her blood itself was violet light
The dancers spun towards the trolley
She could see the babies they’d been

She sat in the ladies room pretending to breathe
Her phone purred like a bomb
She emptied the purse on the tiles
Everything bounced and blurred

The clutter-clatter would not stop,
It kept being more
& there was nothing bouncing on the tile
That she’d ever seen before

editors note:

What happens when you bounce too close to your micro dose. – mh clay

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