Kung Fu Fighting

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I have become sixty years old,
but I still have this prevalent vision before my eyes,
which is neither impressive nor sublime
to the censorious inhabitants of my home-town:
I see myself on the dance floor,
rhythmically interacting to Kung Fu Fighting
as I did when I was fourteen,
touring Alexandria
and frequenting one particular nightclub,
where I imbibed solid amounts of fun
in the company of my childhood pals.
Existence then seemed glorious
and body and mind looked forward to the future
with every throbbing muscle and excited nerve.

We do become sluggish as we grow old,
but I am certain if I were in some nightclub,
which is slander-free
and stripped of every surveillance device,
including a mobile,
and playing the music of the seventies,
or Tiesto,
or some other beautiful Trance,
my youth will be resurrected in the fracture of a second.

In an era where the mind is preoccupied with staying alive,
keeping body and soul together in one entire block,
subsisting and maintaining sustenance
to keep the lethargic heart pumping blood,
it is ironic and outrageous for many
that I should be thinking of dancing before I kiss the dust,
as I must.

editors note:

Gotta dance! So many more seconds to fracture. – mh clay

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