Homonyms of Silence

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On wings of hope my missive did fly
that I might soon be kindly graced
to find your message in reply
and our apartness be erased.

Why haven’t I heard you say
the words that would ease my mind?
Has my message gone astray,
not arriving for you to find?

But my message is surely there,
delayed in coming to your heed
because of your pressing affairs,
and you have yet to see my need.

Maybe my request is one you abhor;
to spend your time you aren’t inclined.
You started to write to me before.
Alas! Your words were unrefined.

But no! That is not your way.
Your silence means nothing beyond
agreement with what I had to say;
nothing requires that you respond.

On wings of hope did my missive fly.
Should I still wait and not implore
you to grant me speedy reply,
but give you time to ponder more?

editors note:

Well… Should I? – mh clay

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