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The moon drops into the child’s black-and-blue arms
Nestling there contentedly
As the little girl bobs across her backyard
Limps up the steps leading to her house
And ducks into her under-the-stairs bedroom
(A converted broom closet)
She gently tosses the orb into the air
Where it joins the stars she has collected
On previous nights
The closet suddenly transforms into a peaceful paradise
Deer graze in the gloaming
Fireflies kiss the child’s nose before dancing away
A snowy owl perches on a tree branch
Serving as sentinel
The little girl scrambles into her bed
Satisfied that the world she has imagined
Will keep her safe from the dangers
That lurk in the chaotic reality
On the other side of the closet door
She falls asleep smiling

– Lorri Ventura

editors note:

May we be it for those who need it. – mh clay

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