Love Is a Respectable Mountain Resort

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My heart is quite a distance
from the interstate, but it’s
worth a visit for, if nothing
else, it’s walkable downtown.
So, set a full day aside,
a weekend, if you’re able,
and stroll its streets,
laden with the aroma
of an earthy autumn spice.
We have a haberdashery
through which you’re
welcome to browse
as well as a yarn shop,
stocked with all manner
of knitting, weaving
and light bondage
supplies. Care for a cup
of tea? A coffee, perhaps?
Our signature maple-sage
latte is sure to warm
you up right. When you’re
ready for a late lunch
or early dinner, we’ll
give you trout served
an impressive eighteen
ways ‘til the Sabbath.
But, be sure to make
your way to the, ahem,
tittie bar before it
gets too late, for we
roll up the sidewalks
at half past eight.

– Kelly Moyer

editors note:

Relationship as retreat with dignified disclosure. – mh clay

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