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Recalling adventure past the warm waters
Forrest says the sky’s lapis lazuli
And it was the first time
Discovered somewhere around the globe
In a place of fighting
Over drugs
Or religion
Or wonderful blue stones
Porches are supposed to be Haint blue I learn
Because maybe the mosquitoes think it’s the sky and get confused
But it’s associated with plantations, too
So that’s out there now
I wonder what other planked surfaces give cold statements about their colorists
One car after another pushes the air from its hurried track
Bouncing along to their vapid destinations
Petrarch in Vaucluse
At the wellspring
Writing more and more
Dilution is the solution to pollution
Of the negative cash flowing hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer
After the oracle tripled down in oil
It helps when you accept life’s hard
It helps to see black and white

editors note:

What’s clear to you on this Thursday? – mh clay

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