Calling me to cook!

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Evening emotions
Of the horizon
Where obtuse refrain,
Of the light, to visualize:
A thought.

Burning clouds
Slowly douse,
Along with the sinking sun.
Vista of the twilight, recast!
And the greyline slowly:
The vault of the
Gloaming shadows,

Beside me,
On the tree;
A bird is chirping.
A song of the evening to sing
Or waiting for the mate.
I think, I understand:
Must be saying
Welcome home.

And by the ranch
Witnessing an epoch
Preparing to conclude the day.
I find the black tent is fixed
As the stars illuminate
Dazzling diamonds
In the sky.

The smoke I smell
Which tells the fire is on.
The hearth is living still
Since the break of the dawn
As I have activated igniting
The matchstick.

And the day retires,
In the lap of darkness
For the healings of the night
while weariness seek the rest
Likewise hunger in contrast:
Calling me to cook!
Calling me to cook!

editors note:

And, goshamighty, we’re hungry! – mh clay

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