They Hung Me on a Dying Tree

They hung me on a dying tree
and watched me struggle
to maintain a rebellious frown

in a blue night
finally choking
as my neck turned purple

until unmoving
not breathing
they left me

but somehow a spark
from a lone streak
of lightning

struck me
and the dying tree

cutting the rope
and healing the throats
of the tree and me

leaves slowly moved
as if raising their heads
and giving thanks

I fell to the ground
touching my neck
still in a state of unbelief

and the world began again
the tree’s tears
refreshing us

somehow reliving
everything in a different light
complete understanding

the villains soon crying
inside themselves
faraway in a breeze of forgiveness
some eventually accepting

unable to explain
the change of heart
with tears that burn an opening


power of the God of trees and men

editors note:

A resurrection; enough to make the villains cry and the faithful fly free. This day and every. – mh clay

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