Pristine vaccine

by on March 23, 2024 :: 0 comments

Years stacked up, I tequila,
repeated nips, throat
the whole bottle. A lifetime
of long needles numbs my arms —
polio, rubella, pox. Measles,
mumps, DPT. For ancient drooler;
pneumonia, flu, covid, shingles,
RSV. Stuck full, handed more years
only to see racists murder blacks,
dimwits riot in D.C., wackos kill
from cars, vermin gun down kids
in class. I pass out, drunk — dream
a pristine vaccine given at birth
to every being. Hate withers, dies,
dark skin is in. Boys and men
never bully, waste, whack, slay.
Gone, funerals, aftermaths —
also grief, all this pain. Fascists
grow up tolerant, giving, kind.
Teen males, peaceful, sensitive,
loving, warm. I wake hung-over,
I puke away war.

editors note:

If one stick could render incapable, no need for immunity. We wish! – mh clay

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