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I remember those years lost to the bars on
The street of ill-repute but they almost seem
Like another life from where I sit right now;
Happy for the first time in years & almost,
Almost, not drinking but hell this life needs
Some fun & as the smoke leaks on into my
Mind the wine slides down my gullet &
Soon it’ll be almost a year since I last got
So wasted I woke hungover so something
Must be going right, right?

The nights of heroic drinking are no longer
Needed as friends of old come to remind me
I do have people I can turn to in any hour
Of need & work, well like a beautiful dream,
I today worked on our bargain books, & right
Now I certainly don’t need to try and drink
Myself to death after a shift like that so what
I guess I’m saying is, hell, this life is pretty
Damn blessed as the symphonic crescendo
Peaks & ushers me off to another night of
Mild intoxication followed by rest as tomorrow
I’ve got to get in early & start all over again.

editors note:

It’s all right when all is right! – mh clay

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