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Menapausura is a prescription medicine
With little success for short-term
Non-continuous chronic hormone
Changes in women

Menapausura is approved for older women
It may cause serious side effects including
Extra tummy, insomnia, dryness,
Lack of care, neediness, distraction,
Frequent clothing changes, donations
And purchases

Tell your doctor if you have sweating
Or discomfort while wearing a coat
In negative temperatures

If you become pregnant
Immediately cease use of

For all possible and impossible
Side effects of Menapausura
See 100-page insert

What is the most important
Information you must know
About Menapausura?

Report any adverse effects
To someone who
Doesn’t live with you

Menapausura is a registered
Trademark of Incyte-ful Poetry
2023, MH Corporation

editors note:

Read this disclaimer; you assume all risks. (MH Corp has no association with Mad Swirl). – mh clay

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