in caverns where shadows mate

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the rocks have split hoping to
slow time with their crumble
and their coral on the beach
is the first mountain to taste snow
is the pull of the air that never
moves is the gale that is never felt
is a rope of gelatinous baskets that is
fully electric is a bloodless
annoyance quick as a nose bubble
is a billiard ball perverse as
boredom is a genome unreplicated
is an innocent fault for no one’s destruction
is a wish for nothing libidinous is the splay
of a horse’s tail is a sad sensation
of peace is an overnight vantage
of morning is a promise that viruses
will surely take over so that
we can all finally be left alone.

– Livio Farallo

editors note:

Is that what it is? Oh, my! – mh clay

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