Hop On – Hop Off

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Sometimes we travel –
get away, go to,
begin to understand the mystery
of miles, of distance.
What “there” feels like
when we are finally “there,”
away from the “here”
we live with, live in, the day-to-day.
Those maps we looked at,
And the stories we read
have come to life,
a life in their rightful place,
a place we thought of as “there,”
and here we are.
This is how we become
a vague part of this place
with its streets and statuary
with its parks and plazas
its tourists and tour guides.
We hop on, hop off
walk cobblestones streets
sit in sidewalk cafes and
order from menus we can’t read.
We buy the moment
and we finally begin to feel
the “here” of this place.

editors note:

Conde Nast couldn’t describe it better. – mh clay

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