Good Luck

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BestGo! BestGo!
Then we are quiet
The moon is down
Clouds marching in
Covering over Orion
Mockingbird sings a little
From the bottlebrush
Oh to read the land and know how
Magnetic perceptors, ley line aware
Star map mind
The migrating passerines
Hurrying laminar flow
Angel, did you wake up you?
On the shelf by the door
Did you find that bottle of red?
Tag! You’re It!
All the birth under the waning crescent
After the midnight rain footsteps
A New York toothpick
I believe you believe that
Longing for one’s lover
Unexpected trajectories suddenly
A fistball of butterflies opens a light beam
The afternoon heat sounds like summer still
Gone away again into Billie Holiday records
Then just
The wind in the leaves
Sounds like deluge
Or chicken thighs on a hot skillet
Our bodies are kites
Flown by angels
We are the root down
Anchoring the bloom
The wind is God laughing
Keeping all the lines tight

editors note:

With angels holding the string, it’s good luck, indeed! – mh clay

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