The Ritual

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Crazy nightmares
switching sides
shifting blinds
chink of light
through the
broken window pane
squinting eyes
springing squirrels
sound check
the cherry tomatoes
divine red
better than
painting lips
with matte
russet leaves
the serpentine path
a sheet of corrugated iron
a raven-crow’s
makeshift abode
early to the
occasion of
pleasing the dead
the first to
arrive and
last to leave
the whispers
are all heard
when the fire in the pit
passionately dances to the
mantras of the priest
smoke percolates
eyes redden
once the ritual ends
follows the serving
of meal but mostly
respect that’s due.

– Soumya Doralli

editors note:

This is one well worthy – respect. – mh clay

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