In the maelstorm

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And re-reading
Again and again.

A pencil dancing
In a state, never a state.
In search of an empire,
Traversing trails.
Grinding ice
Beneath the boots.

Coming from nowhere
Going to nowhere.
Playing with clouds, cold!
A void! Gaseous reflection:
like ignis fatuus.
Running in the cavity,
Breathing a vision.

Extent of words!
Like the mountains I walk.
Where, drawing within:
Contours of thoughts.
A rabble infront of nature!
Measuring altitude
Of feelings.

The boundries,
Searching a country, still!
To embark: a new and
A mysterious geography.
An empire! A world!

Digging a picture
Of his own cartography.
To locate and relocate.
Distance in the chart,
Drawing madly:
A map of poetry.

In the maelstorm
Of emotions
To rule.

editors note:

Imperialist acquiring an empire of ink. – mh clay

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