Graduation Party

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Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad
were three of my most powerful pals.
They each had a flower in the vase &
our enemy destroyed all the vases and
stole all their flowers.

I recall their parents having inscribed
their names on their two arms and legs.
Just to be able to track them down after
_graduation party. We often forget about
our assignments because of armed troops.

“Evacuate, damn it!” they yelled at our door.
Ignoring the agony of an empty stomach,
Ignoring the stillness, Ignoring the absence
of our grandfathers, who taught us to live
& die for the soil and air of free Palestine.

We buried our hopes behind the fig & olive
trees because we wanted to live, to love,
and to be free of the vocabulary of callous
conflicts that neglected mankind.
Nonetheless, we are still magnificent bare trees.

Together in the moonless night,
we prayed then slept in peace until the graduation
party began to draw closer and closer with
daggers in our hearts, bullets screeching towards
our chests, missiles bursting at the conclusion of
the graduation party.

We were picked up by one of our parents
many hours later. Whether you believe it or not!
We’re all in the same bloody coffin. We wonder
whether, when the people of the globe cease turning
our reality the other way, they want to deafen both ears
and blind both eyes.

editors note:

A sad education for them and a continuing ignorance for us; what we willfully will not learn. – mh clay

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