First Kill

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“Come on, boy,” they cheered for him
It was his first hunt
“You can do it.”
They were a family of hunters
Earlier some of them had tromped through the cornfield
Scaring the pheasant out of hiding
It had run right to where the rest of the men and the boy were standing
The bewildered bird looked around
Frightened not moving
“Shoot him, boy” some yelled
“Kill the damn thing,” others shouted
Obediently he fingered the trigger
He liked birds
This one was so pretty colorful feathers shining in the sun
But he didn’t want to disappoint
He raised the shotgun and fired blinking back tears as feathers exploded
“Way to go!” the men cheered and patted him on the back
“You’re first kill!”

Later that night around the dinner table
They ate the bird
He accepted more congratulations
Wondering all the while
Why he felt so bad
Why his heart was breaking.

editors note:

Vegan, anyone? – mh clay

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