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I’ve witnessed reality become science fiction,
The mobile phone become an addiction,
People altogether dependant on it
Unable to get up,
Or fall asleep,
Feeling they can’t function without it,
Using it as a pick me up,
To get their fix,
Stressed out on the tube,
Their arms flexed towards their faces,
Retinas embossed with images
Ingrained in their subconscious,
Perplexed like living lampposts,
Half human hiding away into hoods
Anxious about their battery dying,
Not knowing how they’ll get to where they’re going,
Or get back
Afraid they might lose it
Their fingers tapping frantically,
Feeling dischargement,
Longing to be plugged in
Children cut from the cords of their mother-
Bored out of their minds at the bold reality
Of what the world was like before
I tapped this out on my phone.

editors note:

Trying to tap in before we’re tapped out. – mhclay

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