Sick Day

by on January 4, 2024 :: 0 comments

Sneezing, wheezing,
give me a day
and I’ll recover.

Turn off the news
pull the covers overhead,
for 24 hours,
can the world stop for me?

Exhausted from negativity,
I can’t take any more,
I feel a cold coming on,
can I have a day?

But the world never stops,
not for illness,
not for joy,
not for death.

Seconds tick on,
minutes go by
it’s easy to
be left behind.

But, just today
give me tea
and soup,
feed me slowly.

Let my strength
come back
before you open
the windows

and let the world back in.

editors note:

It’s now the season when we all need a day like this. – mh clay

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