Many Appropriate Ways

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Dear ones, who aren’t friends or family members, rarely
Become rubricked among those counted acerose or entirely
Useless since they can figure theories of meaning, of balance.

There exist appropriate conduits along which to organize, plus
Follow lines of investigation on functional relationships (while
Individuals realize resistance to discerning attendant summaries.)

Contrast these possibilities with extant, hierarchical chauvinism
In boardrooms, bedrooms, or unnecessarily rigorous assignments,
Too, with callous pronouncements on the rich & famous’ lifestyles.

Folks fail to treat the ethical dimension of communication as significant.
So, fantasies of dungeons, of courts accelerating global politics, develop
Nimshals as rusty truths maneuver misunderstood by restricted audiences.

Ponder the possibilities regularly inherent once reframing hurtful discourse.
Weigh eliminating verbalized sexual, maybe racial, harassment & the wilful
Absence of considerable substance whether congested streets or old Phumdis.

Though giving unsubstantiated claims, clouding consciousness, also proffering
Brief infatuations with rhetorical greenwashing, talk might ring metatheoretical.
Else, the “fact” vs. “value” distinction stays controversial, gets lost amid bribes.

editors note:

Watchwords by which you can watch yours. (Congrats to KJ on the release of her new collection of paintings and poetry, Subrogation. You can pick up your copy here.) – mh clay

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