For an Equal Plights Amendment

by on January 23, 2024 :: 0 comments

Should someone bank his civil liberties on chess
champs, or Olympic figure skaters who’ve won gold?
What klutz would needle an adept embroideress
for sewing fabric into dresses though she’s old?
A country that prohibits dueling as a path
to pride and honor on a level playing field
condemns good citizens to wallow in their wrath,
until compelled to ignominiously yield
to anybody with more formidable arms.
What matter if the latter wouldn’t pick a fight
with someone with physiques that may set off alarms
in them to act more acquiescently, despite
the tacit taint upon their masculinity?
They’ll get their honor back with men of lesser means.
Nor will their bluster seem like asininity
to toads who suck up those who act like vulturines
at the expense of robust middling workmen bound by law,
until the latter show they’re quicker on the draw.

– Frank De Canio

editors note:

Seems like the best approach, until beaten by a cretin. – mh clay

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