Fabulous Princess Trucks

by January 15, 2024 0 comments

On dainty neon wheels they glide
tractionless on skinny tires across
the gravel lot beside the grain elevator
Fairy godmother-conjured carriages
miraculously dirt-free & rolling coal
that could smell like jasmine

but it’s just good ol’ clean coal
& the air is thick with diesel clatter
Each coiffed manly royal steps
from their spotless 4×4 conveyance
ruggedly tousled & ready
for a night of quarter-mile cruising

Their love of ritual pageantry
The showcase of their art
just past sundown
like first stars at twilight
Their engine bays still grimy
motors running rich to smoke
& grumble haughtily
in contrast to the outer sheen

Old lady smokers fresh
from the beauty parlor bouffants
wrapped like custom fender flares
who never figured out how
to leave this town or why
when they own the humble runway
Tuesday nights right here

– Tony Brewer

editors note:

The small town drag that isn’t. – mh clay

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