Embracing the Moment

by January 3, 2024 0 comments

You drag your worn-out
self across the dust past
the unfinished journals
and unread books
towards a crack of light
leading to the room where
everyone is drinking and dancing
without an inkling or a notion
that you are fresh out of your
secret magical potion
the one that has kept you
tricking everyone into
believing your type of hype
and now as you return
to the party in full swing
it is clear you are tired
of going on pretending
that this isn’t the beginning
of the ending
and then someone
gives you a heartfelt hug
and an ice cold beer
and you feel grateful
to have arrived at
a time called now
and a place called here

editors note:

Though here is there and now is then, hype is omnipresent. – mh clay

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