Burned hash on counter

by January 10, 2024 0 comments

Spreading my wings
Jumping off Desolation Peak
the property company can keep their deposit
making it that much harder to furnish bright shiny things for privileged soon to sputter and drool in this now gentrified suburban hellhole…
tell me though
who will work in your restaurants
preparing your GMO and sugar salt saturated flavorless meals?
Who will work your stores to be berated for ringing up or not ringing up
bright shiny things
when they can barely afford the bus?
Let alone a car?
But the unions are on strike
Insurance whatever the fuck they actually do are on strike
so as everything goes up and you gnash your teeth wondering why the poor won’t participate and refuse to mingle scoffing at those losers who want to strike too
it’s all on you
can’t put a gun to someone’s head
already dead

editors note:

That G-thing stands for “Gutted” for some. – mh clay

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