Birth of Stars

by January 7, 2024 4 comments

The birth of stars in cosmic skies
could life and death epitomize,
and though we’re but a dot in space,
our earthly home with azure face
might mirror all that lives and dies.

The morning rays that luminize
in shining golden lantern guise
may seem in day’s ascent to trace
the birth of stars.

For suns shall set and others rise
through midwife Mother Nature wise
who cradles all in vast embrace,
while through her everlasting grace
brings from sidereal demise
the birth of stars.

editors note:

The Mighty Midwife brings them forth, then uses their leftover dust to make us. – mh clay

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  1. Marie Higgins

    To think that when we die, that stars are born, could be the best way to go. Lovely poem, and thanks for adding the word sidereal to my vocabulary- it doesn’t mean how it sounds at all.

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      Harley White

      Thank you so much, Marie, for taking the time and trouble to comment on my poem and let me know about your discovery of ‘sidereal’. As a lover of words myself, I am most delighted!

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