They Say I am a Boomer.

by December 3, 2023 0 comments

Well Ba Ba Boom—
we have a way about us
born in the fifties after the beats.
Scattered in small towns
in the back yard of some monster mall—
post industrial revolution.
We created revolutions:
sex, anti-war, what the hell for?

We boomers wanted action
smoked pot till our brains
lost short term, settled
for long term, made it
to retirement, betrayed
by those boomers who turned
against our revolutionary ways
—embraced conservatism—
defined us anew.

In angst we scream
take to the streets, angry
at forces beyond our control
want the next generations, the X,
the Y, and the Millennials to step
up, start everything new.

editors note:

A new boom, please! (Ours is now just a belch.) – mh clay

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