The Persistence of Things

by on December 16, 2023 :: 0 comments

(after the rocket attack)

She died with a clean sink,
with all the forks in the drainer
points down and handles apart
and not a speck of melted cheese
in between the tines.
She died with a clean floor
swept clear of little crumbs
and cellophane bits from snack packets.

She died with a tidy pantry,
cans arranged by sell-by date,
the lentil bag cinched up tight,
and a full jar of coffee beans
just waiting to be ground
for that perfect wake-up cup.

Come into her kitchen. Look around.
Turn and face the faceless appliances
that sit muted, waiting for her touch.
The lettuce in the fridge is still green.
The tomatoes are hardly shriveled at all.

editors note:

They say it’s about countries and creeds. Nope! It’s about this… – mh clay

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