Paranoia & Pareidolia

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… I am an ‘Engineer’
of (Trapdoor) Syntax.
Portable ‘Tyburn’…
my (Cruel) Tongue
ties Nooses faster
than ‘All The King’s
Horses And All The
King’s Men’ reprieve.
I blow ‘Knots’
rather than ‘Kisses’
… Smothered
in my Attention…
no Pillow for REST!
is an Old School
British Prison term
… which you
will never Experience.
My (Unloving) arms
harp string pluck
… the (Ridiculous)
‘Tension’ betwixt us
… and there is simply
NO ‘Doorway’…
Big or Small enough
to fit your (Ain’t
Ever Gonna Happen)
‘Escape’ into Properly.

editors note:

Here’s a pattern to show it’s better to never imprisoned be. – mh clay

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