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I always hated New Years Eve as I
Was always the one stuck in the corner
Feeling awkward that no girl wanted
To talk to me until the sweet beauty of
Booze came to drown my nights & in those
Early days I realised just how to lose
All my inhibitions but the magic quickly
Disappeared as I grew older, maybe a
Little bit wiser, and I soon realised that
Organised fun is the worst kind of fun
There is & when you’re expecting to
Have the time of your life you’ll almost
Certainly wind up bored & alone &
Especially when you’re in a crowd.

So this year; well, wine will be consumed
& music will be played & the smoke will
Do its work & it’ll be just like most other
Nights around these parts.

editors note:

When the DJ yells “clap your hands,” fold your arms instead. – mh clay

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