Jewelry Hugs

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Christmas 19-82
Two rubies and two diamonds
A gold ring, kite shaped
People are always remarking
How pretty it is
Always reminding me
The intensity, skin prickling
Overwhelming teenage love
Special doesn’t cover it

October ‘85
Engagement ring. In a peach!
March ‘86
Wedding ring sparkles
Joined later by an eternity ring
Thirteen diamonds in a band
Umpteen times a day
I fiddle with, touch and look at them

My platypus necklace
Earrings to match
Flynn Silver
Heavy, solid, strong
Swimming around my neck
Brings tears to my eyes
So me. So perfect.

Gwion Gwion tasselled figures
Earrings and a brooch
Flynn Silver
Depicting Aboriginal art
Over 20 thousand years old

It’s like wearing hugs.
You’re always there.
Your love’s always with me.
It’s like I’m floating
Wrapped in a huge
Toasty, warm coat

Overwhelming love
Special doesn’t cover it

editors note:

A girl’s best friend, indeed! – mh clay

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