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Out there-in the skies and at sea, and in foreign lands, we
search for them, although there are strong suspicions that
sleepers have already arrived, perhaps years ago, waiting
to be called, praying to hear the shibboleth and to begin

Yet here-at home-over seventy years ago, almost every
night, a war of terror began again and again, when Father,
a product of the old generation, came home from work, with
raw rage and the threat of a hard black leather belt to teach
character, especially respect, in the privacy of our home.

In the good old days, through a secret culture of terror, I learned,
as did the other children of my generation, to obey.

Our Fathers created us in their image. And we recognize the face
of terrorism. Do you?

editors note:

A beating is a bitch, best to obey. – mh clay

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