Holiday Spirit

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It was the first of the month
Vodka-man and me had just finished putting together a batch
making another killing
waiting outside the social security office
vodka cooked crack
t’was the season
most wonderful time
of the year
we were in corktown
hit a liquor store
“Hey brother, can you spare a dollar?”
“We’re hungry boss.”
We did better
spared a couple twenties
“God bless you boys, God is good!”
They proclaimed
Fuck god is what I said
You’re sitting out here,
and sober…
so, fuck god

“You can’t say that, you’ll go to Hell.”
Oh yeah?
I can see how much god loves with all that faith
being exactly where you are

Vodka-man laughed at these antics as we entered the establishment
We came out with:
Hoagies, chips, a dozen forties, two cartons of cigarettes
And threw in some pot
And quite a bit of rock
We handed them the boxes of stuff
Looks like two drug dealing atheists just gave you more than god

editors note:

Angels are anyone; they’re sent by god if we think so. – mh clay

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