Hi, I’m Margana. Welcome to CAP (Café Anagram Palindrome)

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I’ll be your server today. Or face toady if you prefer. Before I tell you about our specials (see the slipcase menu) please pardon my lisp, but I simply have to mention our plaices. They are like no other dishes, she hissed, falling out of character. I may be a waitress, and you may prefer a stew, sir, but a bottle of wine should not be mistaken for a wattle fin boo. Or would you prefer our Meals for Males menu? If so, might I also suggest a pint of our Naughtiness Drug, a Guinness draught. A bowl of steamed clams served in their own liqueur calms the day, especially when you break bread freshly baked by our master baker. It’s a rageous pleasure. A mild porn. And brings to mind a protein pointer. We pride ourselves on our sweetbreads. And like Mr. William Shakespeare, I’ll make a wise phrase: you, being a gentleman, an elegant man, someone who knows a melon from a lemon, who is eager to agree that sweetbreads, so venerated, variety meats to the less versed, not served here by the way, or ris de veau as they say in the kitchen as sauce thickens, whether sautéed, braised, (best avoid the seabird) poached, grilled, fried, and even roasted, is not for all, but might be for you. If a restaurant runs a treat such as mentioned, only some few will follow. Most will see no cause for a sauce though they know that semolina is no meal in itself. The eyes, they see the menu, the prices, the prix fixe, and like good Scots they do the costs, the math with tax and wine, and then do err in their order, opting for less, not the host table, (a bat’s hotel) or the chef’s table, instead, weak from hunger, suffering polar mind, they wake briefly to vote or veto, eat bread, crackers, our world famous-almond rip, chewing the cud of their dilemma, and mid-meal wonder at their own red faces, bewildered at the lewd beer I’ve order for them, little realizing that small tippers make less than stellar pimps.

editors note:

Um… Actually, we just came in for a couple of drinks. – mh clay

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